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How to create a quote

1.      Sign into your account   

a.                Pick the items you need quoted from the GERSTEL web store and add to cart like a normal order.

b.                Click “Checkout” from the upper right gray band to start the checkout process

c.                Select “Proceed to Checkout”.

d.                Select your address information and Select “Save and Proceed”.

e.                Once you get to the payment page, be sure to check “QUOTE” as your payment type under Payment Info.

f.                 Then select “Place Order Now” (this will NOT place an order but submit your quote.).

2.      Viewing your updated quote

a.                You will receive a Quote Confirmation email once your quote is placed. 

b.                From the GERSTEL web-store on the top right, click Tracking and select Quotes from the drop down.

c.                This is a list of all the quotes you have created in our system.

d.                You can now view the quote.

e.                If you have any questions contact: Customer Service at 410-204-7258 or email

3.      Ordering your quote

a.                On the quote details page you will see a Re-Order button to the right of the Order Line Items.

b.                Click the Re-Order button and you will be directed to a quick order form with the contents of the order being what was on the quote.

c.                Select a shipping address.

d.                Select Add to Cart and Checkout.

e.                This will take you through the normal checkout process. You can then enter shipping and payment information.

f.                Submit the order and we will process the order for shipment.