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GERSTEL provides advanced instrumentation needed for highly efficient automation of sample preparation and sample introduction for GC/MS and LC/MS analysis as well as off-line WorkStations for sample preparation and clean up for a wide variety of techniques (filtration, weighing, mixing, standard preparation, etc.) commonly used in the laboratory.


Whichever GERSTEL instrument you choose, you are sure to get reliable results and increased throughput combined with the flexibility to adapt effortlessly to new challenges. This on-line store provides certified consumables, accessories and spare parts essential for the smooth operation of your GERSTEL instruments. You have the right to demand the highest quality performance from GERSTEL systems and we have compiled this list so that this performance can be maintained throughout the life of your system.


Please use only consumables, accessories and spare parts provided by GERSTEL. All GERSTEL products are made to exact specifications. Use of products not approved by GERSTEL can cause system malfunction or damage.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchases can only be made by GERSTEL, Incorporated's customers in the USA. International customers are free to browse this site, but for questions or ordering, please contact your local sales representative.

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